The NCC is a responsive, learning and continuously evolving organization. Its activity is guided by certain Core Values that we endeavour to instill among all ranks of the NCC. These include the following:

    1.     A sense of patriotic commitment to encourage cadets to contribute to national development.
    2.     Respect for diversities in religion, language, culture, ethnicity, life style and habitat to instill a sense of National unity and social cohesion.
    3.     Abiding commitment to learn and adhere to the norms and values enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
    4.     Understanding the value of a just and impartial exercise of authority.
    5.     Ability to participate in community development and other social programme.
    6.     A healthy life style free of substance abuse and other unhealthy practices.
    7.     Sensitivity to the needs of poor and socially disadvantaged fellow citizens.
    8.     Inculcating habits of restraint and self-awareness.
    9.     Understanding the values of honesty, truthfulness, self-sacrifice, perseverance and hard work.
    10.     Respect for knowledge, wisdom and the power of ideas.