Cadets Welfare Society


    1. The NCC Cadets Welfare Society was established in 1985 is functioning at HQ DGNCC, New Delhi.
    2. It is mandatory for anyone joining NCC as a cadet to become a member of this Society by paying Rs. 15/- (one time) at the time of enrollment.
    3. The Society provides following benefits :-
      1. Financial assistance/relief. In case of a death during normal NCC activity, the nominee is
        provided a financial assistance of Rs. 4,50,000/- and in case of death in high risk activity Rs. 5 lacs. It
        also takes care of treatment if injury takes place during any NCC activity.
      2. Scholarships. It provides yearly 1000 scholarships of Rs. 6000/- each (one time) based on academic
        performance. Out of total 1000 vacancies, minimum ¼ ie 250 scholarships are given to cadets coming from
        rural/disturbed areas.
      3. Best Cadet awards. Based on the performance of a cadet in NCC, there are Best and 2nd Best
        Cadet awards constituted at the Group HQ level. The Best cadet is given an award of Rs. 3,500/- and 2nd Best
        Rs. 2,500/-.

    4. The details about the above can be obtained from the respective NCC units.