Cadets derive immense value through attachment with the Armed Forces units where they experience the functioning and life in military units. Cadets of all wings go through a period of attachment with respective services of the Armed Forces as follows:-

    1. Army Units. 440 officers and 20,000 cadets attend attachment training with regular army units annually.
    2. Indian Military Academy/Officers Training Academy. 120 SD cadets undergo attachment training at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun and 48 SW cadets at Officers Training Academy, Chennai.
    3. Military Hospital Attachment. 1000 SW cadets are attached with various Military Hospitals for 12 days.
    4. Air Force Academy. 100 Air Wing NCC Cadets (76 SD and 24 SW) undergo attachment training with Air Force Academy, Dundigal which is conducted twice in a year for 13 days each in Jun and Oct. During this, cadets learn about the flying and ground training being imparted to the Flight cadets who join the IAF as officers. Special lectures are delivered on Air Power, Aviation Medicine and Technical subjects and cadets are exposed to Ground and Passive Air Defence training also.
    5. Various Air Force Stations. Every year 20 ANOs and 200 Cadets of the Air Wing are attached to various Air Force Stations for a period of 14 days. The main aim of this attachment is to give exposure to life in the IAF and motivate these selected cadets to take up a career in the IAF.
    6. Indian Naval Academy. 170 SW cadets of Naval Wing undergo attachment training with the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala for 12 days in December every year.
    7. Naval Ship Attachment. 300 Cadets of Naval Wing embark on naval ships at Mumbai, Kochi and Visakhapatnam twice a year for sea training and attachment for a period of 12 days. Cadets are imparted intensive training in various naval subjects and get an opportunity to see naval exercises at sea.